For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life –

Adolescents and the young adults today are missing an important developmental period in their growth to being independent due to the recession. There was a time when a person (kid) could walk into the door of a business and they would put them to work on the spot doing some type of menial job. It was the road to job experience. Now they are missing this entry level of experience due to the poor job market.

This along with the baby boomers trying to age out is a problem for society and the economies today. Many of these young adults feel helpless and that they will never find a job. This can only hurt their self esteem.

For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life –

2 thoughts on “For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life –”

  1. An opportunity to find their OWN way in work, and find means to support themselves outside the job world that’s always up and down. I wish more saw it this way instead.

  2. Not only does ‘being independent’ in this case mean financially, as you suggest by referencing their self esteem, but it also affects the personal traits young people develop in their working these types of jobs.

    My sons are lucky in that my husband and I own our own horse boarding/breeding/training facility so the boys can work here to learn about hard work, dependability, respect, etc. These are the characteristics ‘first jobs’ teach our young people.

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