‘Coming Out’ – Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words – NYTimes.com

Documentary in The New York Times by todays teens and how it feels to be LBGT. Really cuts to heart and the emotion these kids go through trying to understand themselves. There is no reason they should have to suffer for being who they are.
‘Coming Out’ – Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words – NYTimes.com.

To hear the teens voices and their stories really brings the importance of the message to life.

The New York Times embarked on the project “Coming Out” as an effort to better understand this generation’s realities and expectations, and to give teenagers their own voice in the conversation.

One thought on “‘Coming Out’ – Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words – NYTimes.com”

  1. I believe that the way in which the teenagers that relate to being LGTBQ should have the unconditonal support and love of their parents. This would be a way easier process for these teens if teens all over would have parents that could eb open minded. I think that there should be workshops given to homophobic parents and parents that do not understand what the effects of being gay in this society is like.

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