Adolescent Residential Treatment and Group Home Rate Classification Levels

In my last post I mentioned the numbering system with the different levels of care by facility. Touring the different locations there is a noticeable difference between the different levels.  I have often thought it would be nice to understand the parameters to determine the classification levels. No one has ever been able to explain it to me and now I understand why. There are many factors that go into the Rate Classifications for Residential Treatment Centers. The biggest distinguishing factor may be the number of therapeutic hours each client receives and the therapists level of education.  Here are a couple of documents from the internet that may help you understand how Group Homes and Residential Facilities operate and receive classifications:

California Department of Social Services (CDSS)
Foster Care Rates Bureau (FCRB)
Overview of the Group Home Rate Classification Levels (RCLs) – PDF


5 thoughts on “Adolescent Residential Treatment and Group Home Rate Classification Levels”

  1. Our 14 year old son has been in a level 12 facility in Petaluma, Ca, for just a month and we have been asked to transfer him to a level 14 asap. I am not satisfied with the meager options I have been given – basically one viable facility in Utah. Can someone suggest a good level 14 place in California?

  2. My 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar with psychosis , ADHA, severe depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, substance abuse. I have two other children in the home and she is known to have violent tendencies. She is also known for trying to hurt her self. I would like to see what options I have as far as a group home or other live in options for her would be.
    Thank you for your time
    Sandra Zamora

  3. So yo know if there is a website where people can go to rate their experience with different adolescent treatment centers? I have worked in these kinds of setting for almost 14 years and would like offer what I consider to be valuable insight into the world of teen treatment centers, what I have seen work and what I have not, what to tell parents to look for as far as what’s positive and what are warning signs etc., etc… If there was place for staff, therapists, teachers and other employees to go and leave comments I think, as a parents, I would find that to be valuable. Please let me know if you know if such a sight exists.

  4. My 12-year old grandson was recently placed in a Sierra Vista group home in Modesto, Ca. I have just found out it is a Level 15 home; he is not on meds, he is not violent, he is not dangerous to himself or others. The other children are all on meds and, when I call there, some child is screaming or tantruming. The counselors there feel he is “in shock” by the behavior of the other children. His older (16) brother is in a Level 5 group home in Scotts Valley, CA where all the children are on high doses of anti-psychotic drugs; why is he there? This is not helping him.

  5. Is there a listing of the levels of residential treatment facilities for teens? Mine was placed in a Level 10 and I suspect there was something very wrong about that. He is now married, with a little boy living out of our home. I’m not going to just let this all go. I’m doing some research and this is one area that I’ve found is not clear.
    Thank you,

    Linda Amergian

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