As parents I think we are aware of this. It is always good to be reminded of the effects of marijuana. I also heard yesterday professionals are finding that the brain is not fully developed until the late 20′s. Until recent it has been the mid 20′s. Something to keep in mind as our teens and young adults are maturing.

“During the teen years the parts of the brain that are involved in managing emotions are still developing rapidly and it is highly possible that heavy cannabis use at this sensitive point could have long-lasting effects,”

via Teen Pot Smoking May Cause Long-Term Anxiety | The Fix.

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Most parents worry about the girls and forget that boys are also at risk for sexual abuse. Studies show that boys are far less likely to tell someone when they have been sexually abused versus the girls. If you notice your child acting out in with sexual overtones this may be the reason.   Researchers are recommending sexual abuse prevention in health education for both boys and girls and that health care agencies should screen for sexual abuse histories among both boys and girls. The next time your teen goes to the doctor you may want to suggest this to your teens practitioner. I would not assume it is always done.

This may be the first study to explore the effects of  sexual abuse on boys’ sexual behaviour.

Check the forum there was a recent post by a father that is concerned about his sons behavior. Maybe you can help him out.  Teen son says he’s a necrophiliac. What do I do?


For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life –

February 16, 2012

Adolescents and the young adults today are missing an important developmental period in their growth to being independent due to the recession. There was a time when a person (kid) could walk into the door of a business and they would put them to work on the spot doing some type of menial job. It […]

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Taking Intimidation Out Of The IEP Process

January 29, 2012

As education budgets are being slashed schools are tight when it comes to allotting monies for special needs children. It is important for parents to be aware of how the IEP process works and to be assertive with the IEP team during a meeting. Know your rights. The preparation alone can be overwhelming.

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An Open Letter To Troubled Teen Blog About Mental Illness

January 28, 2012

Dear Trouble Teen Blog, As your administrator I think about you all the time. Sadly the situation has gotten worse I never thought it would get to this place. Now I am not sure if there is a bottom.

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‘Coming Out’ – Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words –

December 29, 2011

Documentary in The New York Times by todays teens and how it feels to be LBGT. Really cuts to heart and the emotion these kids go through trying to understand themselves. There is no reason they should have to suffer for being who they are. ‘Coming Out’ – Gay Teenagers, in Their Own Words – […]

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Curbing cough medicine abuse target of Calif. law

December 28, 2011

I have been fighting for this to become a law for years. Cough Syrup has been abused by teens way too long. It used to be on the store shelf like candy. Curbing cough medicine abuse target of Calif. law My thoughts today: It is too bad that the only way as a society we know […]

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Home Visits and AWOL Teens The Parent’s Handbook

November 30, 2011

Happy Holiday’s and AWOL Teens Don’t Mix Well Together It is almost Christmas and  families with teens in residential treatment may be preparing for a home visit. The feelings of both excitement to have the family together and the anxiety that goes with it can be over whelming. The worst parent fear – “will my […]

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